Montreal Taikai Location
Currie Gymnasium
475 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4


This page contains maps and addresses of all the relevant locations during the tournament. Please make sure you know where to go.

Tournament Overview An overview of the tournament information

  • Friday July 13 - Godo Geiko
  • Saturday July 14 - Montreal Taikai
  • Sunday July 15 - Grading up to and including 3-dan
  • June 20 - Registration deadline

Tournament and Godo Geiko Location See below map for details on the location!

Parking or Public Transportation How to Get to the Gym

There is paid parking ($10/day) available behind the sport center
It is a short 5 minute walk back to the entrance

It is also possible to find free parking in the neighbourhood around the university. Please do take care, the traffic cops are omnipresent and they will ticket you $50 for illegal parking.